Ahead of the Curve: RAADZ’s Trailblazing Methodology Receives Academic Validation

At RAADZ, our pioneering methodology, which pivots from personal opinions to predicting average survey responses, was crafted to transcend the limitations of traditional survey models. The recent peer reviewed research article published in PLOS ONE echoes our forward-thinking approach.

The study unfolded a methodology where respondents predict others’ choices, a principle we at RAADZ have championed and refined over time. Validated through meticulous experiments, this method has proven to elicit more accurate responses, aligning with our ethos of fostering honest and insightful data collection​​.

Delving deeper, the research analyzed 4 comparative experiments between own-choice and peer-choice methods, revealing:

  • Higher Accuracy: Peer-choice led in accuracy in all 4 of the experiments compared to own-choice.

  • Reduced Error Margin: Peer-choice showcased a 43% reduction in error, with an average error factor of 12% versus 21% for own-choice.

Our gamification strategy further resonates with the predictive approach endorsed in this study, adding a competitive yet rewarding layer to the survey process, validating our innovative approach, and fortifying RAADZ’s position as a thought leader in modern market research.

This scholarly validation is a testament to our foresight and a catalyst for our continued endeavor to revolutionize market research, ensuring it's engaging, accurate, and reflective of genuine consumer insights.

In conclusion, the empirical validation from the scholarly realm accentuates RAADZ’s commitment to elevating market research to a pedestal of enhanced accuracy and insight. Our patented methodology, now echoed by academic research, invites a promising era of market research propelled by predictive analysis and gamification.

At RAADZ, we understand the importance of a holistic approach to market research, which is why our platform is engineered to facilitate the gathering of both qualitative and quantitative data. Our AI-powered open-ended questions are designed to delve deep into the perceptions and opinions of respondents, providing rich qualitative insights. On the other hand, our slider or Likert scale questions offer a precise measure of attitudes and behaviors, ensuring robust quantitative data.

We extend an invitation to you to be part of this revolution in market research. Visit https://partner.raadz.com to sign up and embark on a journey of conducting market research that's not just insightful but is also engaging and rewarding. Whether you opt for our public surveys for quick feedback or prefer private surveys delivered via web link or QR code to your target audience, RAADZ is geared to redefine the way you conduct market research, making it a more precise, enjoyable, and value-driven endeavor.


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